After a Lazy Sunday, it’s always hard to get back to work the next day. But Absolute Bassline has the sound you need to hel you go through the day: Chandler Bong's fresh electro swing tune Sugar.

Hailing from the UK, Chandler Bong is not just a fan of the TV show FRIENDS, he is also a talented artist. He managed to create an entire instrumental with the right dose of swing and energy around a sexy voice sample, showing a lot of skills and creativity. The wanderings of the piano and the organ chords are a pure delight. And the bass brings great personnality to the tune. Everything is so cleanly arranged, what’s not to love in this track ?!

Admit it, the rhythm is so catchy the only thing you want to do is get up and dance ! 

FREE DL link | Sugar

Chandler Bong|Facebook|Soundcloud

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