As you know on Sundays, Absolute Bassline features the chillest tracks in order to ensure your Sunday lounging. Today, you will have the pleasure to chillax to the Isley’s Brothers Prize Possession, remixed by Follow Me.

The two New-Yorkers offers us their take on this sensual track of the Isley Brothers. If the instrumental still has this 80’s feel, it also sounds soulful and a little more melancholic, like a nostalgic look back on this great tune belonging to the age of glory of soul and funk. The vocals are still as powerful in their celebration of love and a beautiful climax enhance their impact at the end of the track.

This remix is definitely a cosmic song supposed to guide us tthrough December 2012 Cosmic Rebirth. With such a track, it seems better to turn to this fancier alternative to the presumed events of the end of this year. You can download this track for free from Follow Me’s Facebook page. And if you want more “enlightening tracks”, feel free to check out their soundcloud.   

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— 1 year ago

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