Bondax - You're So (Star Slinger Refix)

Bondax - You’re So (Star Slinger refix)
If you can’t get enough of the British pair Bondax, then you’ll definitely like this refix of their track You’re So by Star Slinger. It enables us to rediscover this brilliant track  since it stays true to the original while bettering the texture of the track.
The bouncy drums that come at the very beginning set the tone of this version: it is going to be a bit more energetic. The new arrangement of the vocals brings that sexiness as well as a moment of slow and sensual hip-hop instrumental, both very common in Star Slinger’s work 
If this version doesn’t sound very different from the original, it is certainly personal and bears Star Slinger’s mark. It’s more energetic but also more sensual and offers a new life to the original track.

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